Le Pélican Noir

« It may have elements of pop, but it’s not pop; it’s something far more interesting, »
-Richard Allen, A closer Listen

« Sous tes paupières est un CD de la nuit. La bande-son nocturne d’où émergent ici et là des instants de grâce imparables. »
-Thomas Rideau, Le Canal Auditif

« Le Pélican Noir have developed their own unique take on the post-rock genre »
-Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

«Celestial circumflexes as astral bodies collide to the subterranean syntax of voices registering an instrumental intonation, with arms and heads tilting skywards as the commiseration of the night wraps itself about the day. Take sartorial solace as bodies sway to the reassurances of the timbred phonetics that dance loosely on floors of imagined terrestrialism. The sky breathes heavily, exhaling a dusk that renders moot the muggy light emanating from dimly lit doorways, as denizens of Krautrock propinquities are captured in motion, swaying to the post-rock sepia of slow-form stellar dramatics. Projections of these asymptotic stargazers stand ghostly and translucent before the break of reverie, as the firmament collapses under the weight and provocation of stylistic convergence. Colours bleed into one another as telescopes turn inwards to capture the sights that are the sounds of the nothernly whispering amongst themselves. »
-Joshua Robinson, Weird Canada

Polaroids by Alex Labbé

Video by Guillaume Vallée and Charles-André Coderre

Sylvain Gagné / Maxime Corbeil-Perron