Dual-screen A/V stereoscopic performance

Audiovisual performances Imaginary Optics I&II incorporate stereoscopic anaglyph (3D, Red Cyan) image, analog video synthesis, 3D digital image synthesis, and real-time sound and image processing, to create a powerful immersive experience. These retro-futuristic works explore audiovisual abstraction enhanced by the possibilities of obsolete media and optical technologies, which are then themselves enhanced by contemporary software.

Imaginary Optics are works of media archeology: reviving by the act of creation, technologies and medias that are now considered obsolete. Stereoscopic anaglyphs (3D, Red/Cyan) provide perceptions of space, texture and visual relief that have not yet been deeply explored in audiovisual performance and composition. Hence, this work explores different ways of exploiting the anaglyph media : from abstract geometry, to a mixture of 2D analog video and 3D digital image, and abstract stereoscopic optical textures.


Stereoscopic A/V performance